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Redesign: a simple site builder and CMS for non-techie publishers

Want to build a simple single-page website with no coding skills or technical hassle? Then Redesign CMS is for you! You don't need any documentation to use this straightforward, user-friendly solution. And it's free!  

Is web design dead?

"Old-school web design" - where a publisher needed a web designer just to get things online - is or should be dead. The specialized disciplines within web design will not die in the foreseeable future, whether they relate to the artistic aspects, technical development or web app development.

Content design needs quick, simple tools

There are lots of site builders out there and, consequently, a plethora of reviews, ratings and reports. In the summary review of Sitebuilderreport, only three website builders achieved a rating of 4/5 or 5/5. These ratings, however, refer to their overall performance across many features and are almost meaningless for a publisher or marketer who just wants to post a piece of content. Plus, these site builders are not free (anymore): not only do users incur domain fees, but mere usage typically starts at 6$/month. For someone who wants to publish content occasionally, this is overkill.

"Redesign" content management system is dedicated to content design rather than website design. It is probably the simplest possible solution to publish an independent single-page site, landing page, article or even a small blog. Despite its simplicity, our content management system boasts features that other site builders lack, such as sharing, Google optimization and integration into an existing website.

More on this page shortly. In the meantime please refer to LinkedIn Pulse: Redesign: a simple site builder for non-techie publishers & marketers

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